Jesus in Mary’s Tabernacle Pray

You, who in the womb of Mary
accompanying her helped her to understand,
You who as you grew sheltered yourself full of love
asking God the Father to strengthen our faith,
You who upon arriving at Elisabeth’s home
John recognized your divinity as King .

You, open our hearts
and make them understand.
Mary knew that one day you would depart
and your will she would accept with love,
so while she had you within herself,
she delighted in Your presence, absent any anxiety

By Your small life, Lord
teach us to forgive,
may it be Your little life
the one who cares for everyone,
may all the unborn
find in your love
refuge, love and tenderness.
Let them see you

Jesus, son and brother,
Jesus, Father and Love,
Jesus, hold our hands,
Jesus, erase the pain

Jesus, God incarnate,
Jesus, God and brother,
Unborn Jesus.
Jesus in Mary,
Pilgrim Jesus,
Jesus of Life,
Jesus our salvation,
Jesus, God and man,
save our brothers and sisters,
that are still unborn